Frequently Asked Questions


I'm thinking about registering on, what does it cost and how will this site help me? has a free profile available that will allow you to list detailed information on your academics, athletics and social endeavors. All profiles are searchable by college coaches and recruiters, so the more detailed you can be, the better. We also offer a Premier Subscription that gives its members an added advantage by allowing you to post video, more photos and files, as well as the ability to search colleges and universities, send 'First Contact' letters to college coaches, and more.

Most importantly, was created to help you find a school that is a good fit for you in all areas socially, academically, by location and ATHLETICALLY. Use our tools to investigate schools so that you can find an institution that is a good fit for who you are on all levels. See 'Why Hoop Recruiter' for more information on why we're different and how we can help.

Does registering with violate NCAA, NAIA or any other athletic association regulations?

The simple answer to this question is 'No.' College coaches, assistants and recruiters spend hours ensuring that the recruiting process is done within the proper guidelines. For more information on recruiting guidelines, ask your high school coach, or visit sites of the correct division for schools you are interested in (;

What forms of payment can I use to pay for the Premium Membership? Is it safe? takes most methods of online payment through our relationship with PayPal. Credit cards, debit cards and payments from a PayPal account are all valid and available and can be made securely during checkout through PayPal.

I'm having difficulty uploading my photos and/or movie clips. What could be the problem?

Depending on your internet connection speed uploading files can take a bit of time. When you are uploading photos make sure that they are one of the following file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg. For video, we allow you to embed code from YouTube and Vimeo to your profile. Should you continue to have difficulties using these features contact us.

How can I notify coaches of my interest in their program?

As a Premium Member of HoopRecruiter, you have access to our First Contact function that allows you to send e-mails to college coaches in our database. Additionally, we highly recommend a phone call or e-mail to the coach telling them of your interest and pointing them to your HoopRecruiter profile so they can learn more about you.

Be sure to spend time investigation the college or university as well to make sure that it is a good fit for you by location, academically and socially.

I'd like to let coaches know of my recent big game. How can I do that?

If the game has been reported in a local newspaper, you can scan that article and download it on your profile or you can list a link to the article and the 'Athletics' portion of your profile. If neither of these is an option, you can share the details of the game in your own words on your site. Then simply contact coaches to have them see the updates you've made to your profile.

College Coaches

I'm thinking about registering as a college coach, what does it cost and how will it help me recruit athletes? is FREE for college coaches and can be a supplemental tool to help you find recruits that you may not normally have the resources to locate. A players detailed profile will help you get a snapshot of a students athletic, academic and personal information as well as make it easy for you to view game film (without taking up space in your office with DVD's, tapes, etc).

Our goal is to partner with you to help you find athletes who not only fit your basketball program, but all aspects of your institution for higher learning.

How do I search for athletes?

To search for athletes in your sport login to your account and go to Athlete Search tab. Fill out the form to find athletes that match your criteria, the more information you include the more specific your results. You can always learn more about athletes by clicking on their name, which opens their profile with more detailed information. If you are interested in following an athlete's progress add the athlete to My Search. Your list can be accessed at anytime by clicking on this tab.


I forgot my username.

Your username is usually the e-mail address you used to set-up your account. If you have tried different emails and are still unsuccessful, contact us. Please provide us with your full name, mailing address and high school so that we can verify that it is your account. Your proper log in information will be e-mailed to you.

I forgot my password.

To retrieve your password, click on the link that says, 'Hey! Did you forget your password?' on the Player Login Page. Enter the e-mail address you used to register and your password will automatically be sent to the e-mail address that is associated with your account.

Is the information I provide on safe and secure?

We are fully committed to protecting your personal information and to ensure the safety of your personally identifiable information (PII). All information given in your profile, photos, and videos are restricted to your login and to registered college coaches and recruiters.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to My Profile and then select the Delete Account option found at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that by deleting your account you forfeit any payments you have made on that account and will no longer have access to our recruiting tools or the information you have previously provided.

If you are deleting your account because you have finalized your plans to attend college use our Committed Athlete feature, choose instead to update your profile to "COMMITTED". This allows your profile to be removed from the recruiting database and be added to the Committed Athletes section. All you need to do is login to your account and go to My Profile and click on the Preferences link found under your name (at the top of the page), then change your account status to committed.