Sweeping Changes to NCAA Scholarships

Many of you probably heard about this a couple of weeks ago, but it is important enough to bring up again. The NCAA Board of Directors made drastic changes to Division I scholarships and put a greater emphasis on the student in student-athlete. Here is a breakdown of those changes: Conferences can vote to add $2,000 in "full cost-of-attendance" money to scholarship offers. These additional funds will help some of the burden students have in other expenses. Individual schools can choose to award multiyear scholarships which may not be revoked based on athletic performance. Prior to this change, each scholarship was limited to a year-by-year basis. Schools that fail to meet the Academic Progress Rate cutline will be ineligible for postseason play. The cutline will be increased from the current 900 to 930 in four years. Basically, if an institution is not graduating their players, they will be ineligible for postseason play. Eligibility requirements increased from a 2.0 GPA to 2.3 for incoming freshman and 2.5 for junior college transfers. For basketball recruiting, coaches added four evaluation days in April, previously a dead period, but went from 20 days to 12 in July. Coaches can make unlimited calls or send unlimited texts to prep recruits after June 15 at end of their sophomore year. All of this improves the opportunity for communication between coaches and players. Keep in mind that these changes are currently for DI programs and apply to both mens and womens sports. As always, let us know if you have any questions Thanks, Coach Peacock
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